Annemiek & Mirjam


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Annemiek & Mirjam

_Annemiek & Mirjam
Swolgen, Holland. 2001.

Both biological mothers had two children from the same donor in a sperm bank, believing that it was important for the children to have blood ties. Jep (3) and Lola (1) have Mirjam’s surname and call her “mamá”, while they call Annemiek “mimi”. The donor was “anonymous”; the children will never know his identity. Before taking this decision and many others, the pair write in a diary, with the Idea that the children will be able to read it when they are older and understand what their decisions have been based on.
They decided not to get married through conviction – “If we had been heterosexual we wouldn’t have married either”. Mirjam is a nurse, and works in a recovery and support clinic for addicts and alcoholics. Anmiek studies psychology.
They are currently separated.

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