(English) From our first day with Oriana


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(English) From our first day with Oriana

My life goes by in a small daily way, obscuring my view of the larger changes with the focus on making dinner, seeing clients, walking the dog, trying to keep an eye on my itinerant teen.  But, when Oriana walked into my apartment, I had a sudden rush of who I had become in 10 yrs.  I am older, less hectic in my soul, more able to focus on the political world outside my apartment, and starting to live alone for the first time 18 yrs.  My son Wolfe has just gone off to college and the eccentric  transgender man I love does not live in NY.  Families change.  Mine has too.  I understood all that in a flash when Oriana walked in my door.  Thanks, Ori.

Liz and Scout

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  1. orianomada says:

    Thanks Liz to you. It was wonderful to met you again!

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