“Family-arizing” means entering a common/shared space, a comfort zone. This is the feeling this project aims to convey. “Family-arizing” plays with the word family, looking at it from a non-convential perspective. “Family-arizing”, opens a parentesis in time, a peek into the contemporary world from a radical perspective. Familiarising ourselves, among other things, with the everydayness of rupture, and with the transformations within continuity.

It has been ten years since I began the project “Lesbian Mothers” developed over a period of three years, with ten families headed by two women, across 3 countries: the United States, Spain and the Netherlands. With this new project, I plan to re-contact the families I documented in the previous project, ten years later, and interview their children (many of them now teenagers) so as to reflect on the evolution of family life, social change, and the fragility of love relations in today’s world.

Social Context

In 1999 when I began photographing in Spain, the current law of homosexual unions did not exist. For that reason one of my main objectives then was to destigmatize homosexual families – questioning the traditional family institution and showing only one of its myriad forms.
Today, after the approval and application of the law of same-sex marriages in Spain, we can say in a sense that these type of families are becoming more “normalised”. However, the original media response to the law was one of sensationalisation.

On the other hand, in California in the U.S., a same-sex marriage law was first approved and then later dismissed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, leaving four thousand couple in a type of legal limbo.

In New York, homosexuals can form unions under a regulation termed “domestic partnership”, however this does not guarantee the same rights as those assured under marriage. For example, custody rights to the children do not apply to non-biological parents, among other things. The state of Massachusetts is currently the only American state to allow same-sex marriages.

In 2000, a law was enacted in the Netherlands which granted gay couples the same rights as heterosexual couples regarding marriage as well as adoption.

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