The photographer

Oriana Eliçabe


Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1972. She currently lives and works in Barcelona. She studied studied photography at the Escuela de Arte Fotográfico y Cinematográfico de Avellaneda, Argentina. In 1992 she went to work for the Diario Popular newspaper from Buenos Aires. In 1993 se moved to Mexico where she took workshops with outstanding photographers and worked for the El Universal newspaper. In 1995 she began to work for the France Presse agency, which was to send her to Chiapas to cover the armed conflict with the EZLN. In 1999 she moved to Barcelona, and in 2000 she won the FotoPres’01 contest with the project Lesbian Mothers. In 2003 she won the visual arts grant from the Catalonian government for the project Espacios visibles de antagonismo / Espacios de Poder Invisibles, still underway. In 2010 she got the Recerca i Creació grant from the CoNCA to develop Family-arizing project.

She clearly has a vocation for reportage and is especially interested in the establishment and the social alterations caused by the struggles of apparently disenfranchised groups in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain.

She has exhibited her images and audiovisual pieces in solo and group shows such as La Huella del Rostro, C. Cult. Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, 1992; Chiapas: rostros de la guerra, Museo Ciudad de México, 1998; Entre sueños: Primero de Mayo, Berlin Biennial, 2004. With the series Lesbian Mothers she has exhibited in FotoPres’01, Fund. “la Caixa”, Barcelona, 2001; Casa de la Mujer, Saragossa, 2003; Museu d’Art de Girona, and the Festival Internacional de Fotoperiodismo Ciudad de Gijón, both in 2005. With the project Rebel Voices she has exhibited in the CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona), 2007, in the Laberinto de Miradas exhibition in differents Cultural Centres from España in Latin America, La Tabacalera, Madrid and Museu Marítim from Barcelona (2008-11), Satandard/Deluxe Gallery (Lausanne. Switzerland), Arkitekturmuseet of Stockholm, 2008.

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