Lesbian Mothers

“Lesbian Mothers” looks at female homosexuality through the daily lives of ten different families. The photographs of these new families reveal a mirror image of traditional families, contributing to the deconstruction of the patriarchal idea of the traditional family and breaking away from the false myths created around homosexuality.

Through an intimate approach that respects intra-family relations, the images reveal the everyday details that define the lives of all men and women, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender or marital status. But at the same time, they reflect the particular situation in which lesbian mothers find themselves and their role within the family framework, taking into account the social function that is attributed to them in different cultures.

The project, carried out in three different countries – Spain, Holland and the United States -, also brings a better understanding of the position of women in these societies.

Apart from geographical criteria, the choice of countries was based on their social and cultural characteristics.

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