Margot & Laura


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Margot & Laura

Richmond, California. U.S.A. 2000.

Margot, Lena’s biological mum, is black. Her partner chose a sperm bank donor that was white, like her. This family comes up against double discrimination: homophobia and racism.
They met at the 40th birthday of a mutual friend, and after spending over four years together they decided to have a baby. Laura couldn’t get pregnant following colon cancer, so it was Margot who went through with the artificial insemination. Lena will be able to know the identity of the donor when she turns eighteen. All they know about him is that he’s white, tall, a good swimmer and that his mother is a psychologist like Laura, who is works as a psychologist in a men’s prison, a job that is quite tough and that she compensates by offering private group therapies for violent women.

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