Begoña & Susana


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Begoña & Susana

Górliz, Euskadi, Spain, 1999.

Begoña and Susana have shared their house – and children – for almost four years; they’d been together for just under a year when I met them in the Basque Country, in 1999.
Begoña had three children, Rakel, Sheila and Jonathan, with Valentin, who she married when she was 19. She was so anxious to gain independence from her family that she believed she could become “normal, just like all the other girls” through her first marriage.
After eleven years of marriage and three children, she decided to approach her life differently and be more honest with herself. The divorce wasn’t easy; she publicly admitted her sexuality and feared losing custody of her children.
She lived on her own for a while until she met Susana, who had recently overcome a panic attack caused by the difficult task of accepting her sexuality and dealing with the social pressure.
They’ve been registered as a de facto couple since 2000, and they have no intention to marry. “What for?” says Begoña, “last year we paid social security together as a large family. Maybe we’ll do it when the children are older”, she says, not sounding too convinced.

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